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World Tourism Association for Culture and Heritage Appoints New Senior Roles

World Tourism Association for Culture and Heritage Appoints New Senior Roles

Chatswood, NSW, Australia, December 2, 2020 / TRAVELINDEX / The World Tourism Association for Culture and Heritage (WTACH) has appointed Helena Egan and Shaun Vorster to its Executive Board, effective immediately.

Ms Egan joins as Chief Marketing and Innovation Officer, Vorster as Chief Strategist.

Florence Nkini has been appointed Director of Operations for Africa.

Egan, a Finnish national, brings 30 years’ of travel industry experience to WTACH, including nine years at TripAdvisor, where her most recent role was Global Director of Industry Relations, liaising with senior levels of government and industry and working as part of the Animal Welfare policy team. She strives to position tourism as a force for good when practiced responsibly, sustainably and with social impact top of mind. Egan is a sought-after board member, advisor, facilitator, strategist, keynote speaker and panellist.

Vorster, from South Africa, has served as a special adviser to the South African tourism and environment ministers for 11 years and as commercial vice president / special adviser at Expo 2020 Dubai for five years. He is an extraordinary professor at the University of Stellenbosch Business School. He has published widely on corporate governance, strategic planning, sustainable tourism, low-carbon aviation, and climate change.

Nkini, a Tanzanian national and responsible tourism advocate, has a growing track record in development programs such as community-based tourism, wildlife protection, international recruiting and youth training in Africa. She is also working to promote Tanzania’s cultural sites such as The Stone Town of Zanzibar and The Ruins of Bagamoyo and Kilwa.

WTACH CEO Chris Flynn said: “WTACH is delighted to add the support of Helena, Florence and Shaun as WTACH seeks to protect culture and heritage through the pursuit of ethical practices and codes of conduct in tourism.”

He added: “WTACH is now laying the foundations for new partnerships and growth for a post-Covid era where there should be more emphasis on responsible tourism and respect for local culture around the world.

“We are therefore keen to hear from potential partner organisations who want to join us and lead by example and take a fresh approach to responsible culture and heritage tourism programs.”

About World Tourism Association for Culture and Heritage
WTACH seeks to establish clear goals, objectives and strategies for the protection of cultural heritage through responsible and sustainable tourism practices. Working in collaboration with public, private and specialist academic sector organisations, WTACH determines best practice ethical principles and standards in line with the most robust global research available. WTACH was established in 2018 by Chris Flynn, formerly Director – Pacific at the Pacific Asia Travel Association. WTACH is based in New South Wales, Australia.